Friday, April 26, 2013

Where's George?

Where’s George?

‘Where’s George?’ is a United States Currency Tracking Program.  I first became aware of this program when I noticed some red printing on a dollar bill I’d received as change for a purchase.  The printing read:  Track this bill at

So I went to the website.  You create your account and enter the bill’s serial number and denomination into the tracking system.  You can add a few comments such as the condition of the bill and/or where you received it.  Once entered, go ahead and put the bill back into circulation.

If the bill you entered was already in the tracking database you’ll see the history of its travel, at least as documented by previous entries.  Most of the bills I’ve entered travelled up and down California; the $10 bill was at one time in Las Vegas.  You’ll see the distance it has travelled and how much time it took to get there based on the previous entry (a bill can travel around quite a bit before a new entry is made that grounds a location for the bill in the tracking system).  You can also sign up for email notification any time a bill you’ve entered gets a subsequent entry made into the system.

A currency tracking program provides some interesting data to look at, but it does depend on everyone circulating the bills.  Check your wallet; if you have any marked bills enter them in the system and then go spend them on something fun!


  1. Wow! I had absolutely no idea this idea/website existed!!! What fun! It sounds fascinating, and I am going to give it a whirl. The more people know about it, the more hits a bill will receive on the website, and the more interesting it is for all involved! Thanks for sharing this info! (And I love the admonition at the end!)

  2. I was doing this many years ago back in WA then I forgot about it as time went by. Till last summer Russell brought home a dollar bill w/ the website written on it so I entered it into the system. No one has entered it since I did last summer. :(

  3. This is great. I think I remember hearing about it but I am going to share it with my grandson. Since we are going from California to Missouri, we will track several bills that we will spend there.

  4. Interesting. Never heard of this (or seen a bill marked like that) before... but I rarely carry cash anymore... for me, it's too easy to spend cash without thinking. :)

    Happy A-Zing!

  5. I have a few bills in there. Sometimes it takes a long time before someone enters a bill that I've marked. I get very impatient waiting for a "hit".