Saturday, April 28, 2012


I had arrived at the hotel, tired after arising early to post my letter for the day and get to the airport for an early flight to my destination.  The staff meeting didn’t start until 5:30 so I laid down for a nap around 3 PM.

I awoke to the sound of a message being left on my cell phone.  I looked at the room clock and saw it read 4:15 PM so I thought, “great, I have plenty of time to get ready for the meeting”.  I lazily reached over to the phone to see the message and to my horror the notification read:  1 message, 5:15 PM.  Holy smokes, the hotel room clock was an hour off and I hadn’t noticed.  I realized I had less than 10 minutes to make myself presentable and get over to the staff meeting.  Of course I arrived late—about 10 minutes.  The meeting had already started and everyone turned to look at me when I entered the room.  To add to the disruption, there were no more chairs available so I had to go find one before I could settle into the meeting….and I have no idea what information I missed.

I hate when this kind of thing happens—being jolted into action from a deep sleep, and knowing I’m going to be late. I end up not feeling rested at all, despite the nap.  I am pretty compulsive about being punctual.  When I was a kid I was grounded a day for every minute I was late with my curfew, so it didn’t take long to make arriving on time a priority.

Here’s hoping those “yikes!” moments are few and far between!


  1. haha kinda like "home alone"--hate when that happens--funny post

  2. fun stuff...

    You have done a great job on the A to Z Challenge...
    Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
    A to Z Co-Host
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  3. I can see your motivation for being punctual with being grounded a day for every minute late for curfew; I'm sure it was far and few between that you were late. I too don't like getting jolted awake like that; glad it all (eventually)worked out and you got to the meeting not too late.

    One more letter!


  4. Oh my word, the horror of walking in late and everyone turning to look, and then no CHAIR!!! AAARRRGGG!!! Great pick for "Y"!!!