Friday, April 20, 2012

Road Trip!

We love road trips.  There are so many interesting sights to see on and alongside the roads as we traverse the miles.  Many of them are borne of nature—scenic views of mountains or coastlines or desert, filled with the local flowers, birds, and animals that inhabit the different environments.  There are memorable man-made sights too, including towns and monuments and humorous signs.  Changing seasons and weather will produce dramatically different sights even if we follow the same route to our destination.  

Samantha loves road trips, too, and she’s an excellent traveling dog.  When she sees us putting on a jacket or hears us picking the car keys up off the table, she’s dashing over to us, jumping up and down, unable to contain her excitement.  As soon as the leash gets snapped onto her collar, she strains to pull us over to the front door to start this next adventure.

Once in the car, Sam sits tall in the back seat and looks out the window, taking in everything going by.  I think part of the excitement is that she knows a walk in a new place with all kinds of new smells awaits either along the way or when we arrive at our destination.  She rides with us much of the time, so she’s made countless day trips to neighboring counties; perhaps the most memorable road trip was the one to the Mid-West last year.  

Her enthusiasm and excitement exemplifies the Confucius quote:  “Wherever you go, go with all your heart”.


  1. awwww that is so cute--we love road trips to--especially with no destination in mind

  2. How very cute!! She does look so very excited to be going!! There is something about dogs and being on the open road! Koda (our corgi) loves car rides; in fact he's so spoiled we take him for one on the weekends :)

    enjoy the rest of the day :)


  3. I love road trips almost as much as Sam, lol!...but I don't look nearly as cute in that pose!!! The picture and quote are both absolutely perfect. Love this post!